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Fujian officials pledge support for Pingtan

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2015-06-24

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Many Fujian's officials in the financial and state-owned sectors have vowed to support Pingtan, ptnet.cn reports.

The officials made the remark in a meeting with Li Dejin, director of Pingtan’s administration, in Fuzhou on June 11.

Li thanked the departments for their help and support through the years, and briefed officials on Pingtan’s progress.

Pingtan is now an experimental zone for cross-Straits cooperation and part of the Fujian Free Trade Zone (FTZ), and is working hard to become an international tourist island, which needs the departments’ assistance in policies, talent support, finance and attracting more cross-Straits cooperation projects.

The Fujian Finance Department said it will provide guidance in financing and investment, and appropriate special funds for more projects in Pingtan.

The Fujian Finance Office pledged to support Pingtan in funding, innovation, talent support and cross-Straits finances.

The Fujian Investment Group will support sports and tourism projects, and the Fujian Energy Group promised to boost the urbanization of Pingtan.